Dear Members,

I have received several e-mails asking for more information on the sick bank. I have received about 100 donated days. 

To donate, just print and fill out the donation form above and send it to me interoffice mail at NRHS.

The first 185 days are going directly to Billy Keenan. As most of you know Billy had a tragic accident and is now paralyzed. He is working very hard to regain some strength to be able to come back to teach. This will give him a year of rehab which is necessary.

This bank is not retroactive. It is for catastrophic not chronic illness. There is strict criteria and a process to apply which is also attached. If we receive additional days, up to 370, it will be available for other members who fit the criteria. This is a one year bank. You will be notified that your day is being used. I hope this clarifies any issue you may have.


In Unity,

Robin Brennan

WELCOME BACK 2014-2015!

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Welcome Back From Our Union

North Rockland Teachers' Association


I hope this finds everyone rested and healthy and ready to greet our students. Before we begin the 2014-15 school year I thought it important to look back at what our union and dedicated members accomplished last school year.


The most time consuming and important accomplishment last school year was our negotiating team completing the Substitute contract, the TA contract and the Teacher's contract. During these difficult time we  saved many positions by our compromise. We also held on to programs for our students by being fiscally responsible while securing as many members as possible.


This year may prove to be as interesting as the last. Please know that our union is there for you every step of the way.


In Unity,

Robin Brennan and the NRTA Officers



Teachers Honored By Scholarship Winners


Every year the NRTA awards twelve $1,000 scholarships to our seniors who write the best essay honoring a teacher who changed their life in some way. Here are the names of our 2013-14 winners and the teachers who were honored.


Student                            Teacher

Nicole Aylmer                    Brendan King

Jullian Colleluore               Chris Freeman

Maggie Dorfman                Sol Bloch

Amanda Feeney                 Nori Casimiro

Nicholas Imperato              Billy Martin

Christopher Klein                Jennifer Taylor

Mariel Nunez                      AnneMarie Marino

Angelina Panella                 Paul Krogsland

Cameron Porette                Scott Schneider

Tara Sasso                         Kathy McGovern

Courtney Marie Tello           Steve Lefkow

Serena Yanitelli                  Marla Pruden


This is a list of all the teachers who were written about and the students that honored them.


Student                            Teacher

1. Abrams, Stacie                 (Burkardt/Marcus)

2. Aylmer, Nicole                   (B. King)

3. Bedford-Conklin,Dundee    (B King)

4. Bronsolo, Jenna                (Gonzalez)

5. Checco, Steven                 (John Sebalos)

6. Colleluore, Jillian               (Chris Freeman)

7. Dorfman, Maggie               (Sol Bloch)

8. Eckerle, Amanda                (Diglio)

9. Feeney, Amanda                (Casimiro)

10. Foley, Harrison                (Freeman)

11. Imperato, Nicholas           (B Martin)

12. Klein, Christopher            (Judy Taylor-Discover)

13. Lord, Jaime                     (Krogslund)

14. Pagano, Christopher         (Gonzalez)

15  Panella, Angelina            (Krogslund)

16. Porette, Cameron             (Schneider)

17. Purdy, Liam                     (Baloga)

18. Rajchgot, Alana                (Luz Dubois)

19. Reilly, Brianne                  (K Horan)

20. Roppolo, Angela               (Diglio)

21. Sasso, Tara                     (K McGovern)

22. Schimko, Corry                (Nori Casimiro)

23. Tello, Courtney Marie        (Lefkow)

24. Tlamsa, Colleen                (Levine, Grade 1-SPES)

25. Toscano, Morgan               (K. Bredberg)

26. Urena, Hector                   (Mrs. Mitchell, WGMS)

27. Winkelhoff, Elizabeth         (D. Davey)

28. Woods, Sean                    (Cerniglia)

29. Cacioppo-Cruz, Sammantha   (Davey)

30. Nunez, Mariel                   (Marino, 3rd-WHES)

31. Perez, Pierson                  (Patrick Sullivan)

32. Soffa, Andrew.                 (Santoprieto)

33. Yanitelli, Serena.              (Pruden)